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Hello, we are
Hello, we are

STD Digital Technical Systems

STD was the only national company to execute the SINOCON project with a direct contract from ONS.

We are present in the electrical energy market and offer supervision, control, protection and automation solutions for Electricity Generation and Transmission Plants.

As a manufacturer of supervision and control equipment, we have our own versatile technology, implementing customized solutions through the development and improvement of our products. We have a successful track record in supplying and commissioning SPCS panels.

Our operations are based on the excellence of our equipment and the quality of our work. We have a qualified technical team to provide services and technical support and our objective is to satisfy our customers.


supplier from ONS


  • Develop, manufacture, supply products and services for the electrical sector, delivering added value to our customers in high quality, reliability, efficiency and partnership.


  • To be a national reference in efficient, complete, competitive and innovative solutions for supervision, control and protection of power systems, exceeding our customers' expectations.


  • Ensure the satisfaction of our customers by providing products and services with quality and innovation;
  • Work with integration and transparency with our customers and suppliers;
  • Continuously improve our services, products and processes;
  • Contribute to the quality of life of our employees;
  • Work in a way that contributes to the preservation of the environment by preventing and reducing environmental impacts.
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STD Digital Technical Systems


With an installed base in more than 400 substations of the main Transmission and Distribution companies, the STD-7100 UTR offers excellent cost-benefit.
The modules have low consumption and quiescent current, favorable conditions for prolonged operation. Reduces maintenance and asset renewal costs.
The modular architecture allows the RTU to be expanded to keep up with the growth of the customer's installation.
The development of new modules maintains compatibility with the installed base and provides low costs for updates and improvements.
Concentrated on a single piece of equipment instead of several decentralized control IEDs. Reduces infrastructure costs.
Complete set of software for configuration and testing. Easy-to-use software that allows you to parameterize, simulate communication channels and monitor all RTU signals.
Compliance with customer schedules. National production with reduced purchasing times for UTR or spare parts.
We have specialized professionals to serve customers.
In the event of a defect, maintenance is simple and quick due to the modular architecture.